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Beautiful, Practical Metal Plating

Elevate the quality of your machined products when you choose metal plating from KMG Industrial Screening & Metal Finishing Inc in Longmont, Colorado. Our small production company understands your shop and your customer's needs, and we offer a variety of plating process to meet all of your needs.
Metal - Metal Plating

Chromate Touchup

This process is used when a part has been reworked, when the anodize is missing. This process is not  RoHS compliant. 

Yellow Chromate or Iridite

This coating's appearance ranges from iridescent to golden, and is typically used on aluminum for a base prior to painting. It is also used where conductivity and corrosion resistance are needed.

Passivation QQ-P-35C/ASTM A-967  

Used on stainless steel as a corrosion resistance sealant, this process does not add to the part. It does not build up on the part either. It is strickly a corrosion protectant.

Clear Chromate or Iridite

Our clear process is used the same way as the aforementioned yellow process. The only two exceptions are this coat's finish is a clear, dull-silver gray, and it is RoHS compliant.

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