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Durable Anodized Aluminum

At KMG Industrial Screening & Metal Finishing Inc in Longmont, Colorado, we offer a series of anodized aluminum options. All of our processes increase the durability and resistances of your machined parts, and add desired appearances, all for a competitive price.
Vairex - Anodized Aluminum

Black Anodize Type II

This type of anodizing process is used on aluminum alloys, and adds corrosion resistance. It is also a good electrical insulator and offers decorative options.

Clear Anodize Type II 

Our clear treatment is used the same way as our black anodize. The color is the only accepting, with its finish being silver, tan, and grayish in color.

Hard Black Anodize Type III

The hard coat anodizing process is very abrasion-resistant and very durable. It is used the same way as the soft anodize, but in instances that demand a better, harder finish.

Hard Clear Anodize Type III

Just as with our previous clear option, this process offers the same level of protection as the hard black option. The only difference is the color, which is silver, tan, and gray in appearance.

 Contact us in Longmont, Colorado, to see which anodizing process is right for your parts.